Anyone up for a dip?

Outdoor swimming pools are closing for the year as we prepare for winter.. but we have added a new piece of equipment to ensure that you can go for a dip year round! The Free Standing Dip Station has 2 sets of handles allowing for 2 different movements.

  • High Handles – Tricep DipsDip Station
    • Place both feet on the step and place on the handles. Arms should be straight but not locked out.
    • Raise feet off the steps and fully support your body weight with your arms. Slowly lower down until your upper arm and forearm reach 90 degrees.
    • Exhale and push back up to the starting position using your triceps.
    • Note: Leaning slightly forward will engage chest muscles. New to this exercise? Assisted dips can be performed using resistance bands.
  • Low Handles – Tricep Push Ups
    • Grab hold of the handles with both palms facing inward and feet placed firmly on the ground.
    • Keeping elbows tight to the torso slowly lower your shoulders toward the ground until handles are in line with armpit.
    • Exhale and push back up to the starting position.

Want more instructions? Let us give you a demo or take a look at this video.

*Please note that it is not bolted to the ground and may shift during use.

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